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GMAT/GRE PRIVATE TUTOR/INSTRUCTOR, Ph.D. in Fresno, CA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Hello - 

I am a GMAT and GRE Test Prep tutor. and instructor.
I can effectively help you in improving your performance on these two Exams.
My experience in tutoring these subjects is 25+ years.

My approach to teaching is what sets me apart: 
My immediate concern is to help you to markedly improve your performance on your test.
My ultimate goal, however, is to equip you with the tools and ability to find solutions to 
almost any problem within the scope of GMAT: in less than one minute, sometimes in seconds.

Toward this end, I employ certain techniques: 
Understanding the question correctly is step one. Understanding is not enough, however. You have to feel very comfortable with it to the point where you can look at it from different angles and analyze it from different viewpoints. You have to be 
in command, and not to be led where the questioner wants to lead you.

One very important strategy is knowing what problems are "standard" or "identities". While your textbook might take two pages 
to present the solution, you will be able to do it in no more than 5-6 seconds!! The speed is not the point, however, that speed will be a natural outcome of your full command of the field.

Techniques I use include analogies, translating algebraic questions into simpler questions, translating math questions into short word-based questions, and vice versa, asking why a certain given has been provided, solving the problem one short step at a time, in case you can't see the whole solution in your mind's eye, finding solutions fast, and many others.

My academic background.
Ph.D., M.S. B.S. (honors) (Haigazian University, California State University/ Northridge, University of California, Davis.

I am the author of eight scientific publications. I am also the first author of a Mathematical Method "The Darakjian=Hays Direct Time Delay Method".

I meet at a local beautiful Tea Place - The Little Leaf Tea. One on One.
1-hour 45 mins session: $50

You may pay $280 for 7 1-hr 45 mins session sessions, or $210, for 5 1-hr 45 mins sessions.

My appointments are based on your needs. You do not have to maintain a regular meeting schedule, unless you want to.
I welcome your questions.


Please contact:


(559) 709-2022  (text/call) - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist