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Survial Tools,Knives And Anything That Cuts for sale in Fresno, CA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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0-Survival US Made multi tool and sheath -$12.00
1-Nra 1 1/2"Challenge coin knife/Scissors-$35.00
2-Rare-case orange county chopper`s first issue knife/case made.-$20.00
4-1-black skull para cord lanyard- made$7.50
5-1-od green skull para cord lanyard-$7.50
8-new knife sheath,need belt loop sewed on $1.00
9-4-rostfre brand-black handled steak knives-$1.00
10-delta press letter opener Kevlar and sheath-$ 20.00
11-crkt patch one ass to risk-$1.00
12-key knife-$2.00
13-crkt t shirt L -$1.00
14-crkt t shirt XL-$1.00
15-swiss army victorinox knife 9 gadgets-USED-$20.00
16-large old R hickory butcher knife-$2.00
17-credit card knife folding-$5.00
18- 2018-us made 8" survival razor saw backed knife-black nylon case also survival stuff in handle-$-10.00
19-3-knives,us made-universal,flint stainless-8 3/4"-7"-6"-$2.00-all
20-2012-Catalog-bench made ,Harley Davidson showing new stuff-$1.00
21-200-Catalog 8-kershaw Orange County Choppers showing new bike and leek knife-$1.00
22-kuttmaster pocket knife [7} blades only-$2.00
32-l.p.&c universal usa-3 1/8"-$2.00
33-vintage keen cutter us made scissors-7"-$5.00
34-misc hammond design pocket clips with,wench,9 screws-$5.00
35-skull laynards 2-$7.50 each
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