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Old Hard Bound All Titles Books for sale in Fresno, CA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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1-1922-pinky-winkly dog book kids-$5.00
2-1922-strongheart story of of a wonder dog-$5.00
3-1936-treasure chest of world-wide songs-$5.00
4-bedtime stories-$5.00
5-1929-pitter patter book-$5.00
6-1983-christy lane/one day at time-$5.00
7-1900s-servicing motion picture sound equipment-$5.00
8-1891 welfleet mystery,sold by gottschalks -$5.00
9-1913-call of the wild-$20.00
10-1916-kinks for the builder-$10.00
11-1934-parmont newsreel men with admiral bird in little america-$20.00
12-1883-scott`s lady of the lake.$5.00
13-1951-traber`s cyclopedic medical dictionary-$5.00
14-1970 reprint of the sears and roebuck and company issue fall 1900-$3.00
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