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0-marlbro brass-$4.00
1-alices place,glows in the dark-$3.00 each.
3-frontier dodge-$3.00
4-air national guard metal-$3.00
6-ron francis wireworks-$3.00
7-old crow whiskies-$3.00
8-buck knives metal -$3.00
9-1960s playboy club key owner-$50.00
10-ruger metal spl -$5.00
11-madera produce inc-$3.00
12-madonna inn metal-$3.00
13-ford 75th anniversary metal-$3.00
14-old ace small lock with key-$3.00
15-pony soldier motel-$3.00
16-schimmel hotels metal-$3.00
17-peterbuilt trucks metal check-$3.00
18-6 long/short spam/can goods type keys-$2.50
20-exxon tiger-$3.00
21-glock 17 pistol key tag-$3.00-each.
22-mancuso optical co.-$3.00
23-old brass blank key tag-$3.00
24-eecu credit union-$3.00
25-pacific bell princess,styeline-yellow,white,lt blue,beige-$3.00 ea.
26-brinkenstock metal-$3.00
27-lee jeans metal-$3.00
28-c/c food marts lucky penny with penny holder metal-$3.00
29-colt firearms screwdriver,rare-$15.00
30-antique lone ranger sliver bullet key holder-$25.00
31-blue flexible 25 cent holder key holder-$1.00
32-pachmayr gun parts screwdriver key holder-$3.00
33-factory seventies general motors key covers ign,trunk-$5.00
34-telkee key tag-$2.00
35-lost key tag-$.3.00
36-jensen tool screwdriver key-$2.00
37-stanley tools 150 years screwdriver-$3.00
38-chuckchansi key holder first style-$2.00
39-1970s leather Mercedes -Benz key holder sill in original bag-$5.00
40-small eagle lock/no key-$3.00
41--square green chuckchansi key holder-$2.00
33- 1-nice 50 s/w caliber bullet,blank-$5.00
42-serria nevada bottle opener key-$2.00
43-travelers insurance co-$3.00
44-1901-vintage yale and town trunk lock unused,with key-$10.00
45--two roll top desk key-$2.00
46-two key holders quick change brass-$1.00
47-3 old keys skeleton doors,brass-$3.00
48-peerless hand cuff key-$5.00
49-two roll top desk key-$2.00
50--blank roll top desk key-$2.00
51-sewing machine key-$2.00
52-small chest blank key-$1.00
53-small two prong key-$5.00
54-one small box blank key point on end key
55-small hohner harmonica key holder-$20.00
56-springfield armory lock key-$3.00
57-taurus lock key-$3.00
58-ww2 51 can opener new in wraper sealed-$25.00
59-parking coins and key holder-$3.00
60-key carrier from the kids of zuni new mexico-$3.00
61-small ace padlock-$3.00
62-eagle padlock-$3.00
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